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The Boy Whose Horse Was Stolen

Given the kind of situation going on, a divorce, and the willingness of the man to take the boy's horse to hold for some kind of hostage or to punish the mother through the son I'm not maintaining a high degree of hope for the best of outcomes.  Yet still, that is what I want.


Things should be coming to a head about now as I think the divorce hearing is due or done.  

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Are we there yet?

Winter? Is it over for you yet?

Here in the Pacific Northwest temperate rain forest it's a bright sunny day.

You would even envy me, some of you, given your weather, until I reveal that it snowed yesterday and last night, and froze up solid here.

It's been a straight diet of cold rain here with intermittent snow, and more rain and cold. Mud everywhere unless it freezes into hard ridges, then back to mud.

I confess I'm not exercising my two girls… Continue

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Step dad sells Boy's dear companion mare

Well this is some story. Ugly. But the boy and his mom are calling for help.


My best friend Potlicker was sold on 3/20 by my stepdad while we were away on vacation


Mar 26, 2011, 15:56

Can you help us get our story out so we can find her and buy her back? He wont tell us where or who bought her. So… Continue

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How are YOU spending your Horse&Pony Winter?

I get to feeling sorry for myself, though with the new little barn, having Altea, and Bonnie now, within sixty feet of the house, compared to having to drive with water and feed a mile and a half, drag everything up an icy snowy hillside for 50 yards, this is heaven by comparison.

You see, it's cold, and it's wet, and it's slushy, and I'm old...there, are you feeling sorry enough for me yet? LOL…


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Who loves you, baby?

Kate came in from doing a little mane detangling on Bonnie earlier today.

It's been snowing and getting deeper and when Kate decided to play more with Bonnie after tiring trying to get the tied together "dreds," in Bonnie's mane apart, she took Bonnie for a stroll.  No line or halter, just offered Bonnie a chance to follow, "let's go for a walk, Bonnie," and of course she did.


The paddock is a hazard zone with little pits here and there where big stumps were pulled…


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Those Tiresome and Sometimes Nasty Chores

There's the never ending clean up of course. However, being an organic gardener all my life (from age six) I welcome the fertilizer that my horses provide.

And in nice weather I find it somewhat meditative stall and stable yard cleaning. Now with my own larger paddock both are out more of course, and I probably won't do much paddock cleaning but rather work out a system using my big riding tractor rotary mower to smash and scatter the droppings out there.



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The Year is Flying By

Just as I think I have a handle on my projects and goals I look up and am reminded by the calender that much time has slipped by.

Do you have that sensation too?

My beloved points out to me from time to time that I tend to have many projects going at once, with many awaiting completion. Now how can a ranch kid like her miss that this is the norm around livestock and living in the country?

Well, I'm taking a little writers' license there. What she actually said is that… Continue

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I'm dreaming of Spring

This morning opened with a ten degree F wake up for me. Girls were cozy in their barn and quite ready for their breakfast. Scattered their hay in their big paddock, then checked to see if the hydrants were working.

Sadly the barn hydrant is frozen solid. This one has insulation too, and a heat tape on it. I can't explain it ... but I have to haul hot water for the ladies anyway.

Moved my beet pulp soaking station from the garden to just outside the shop, where I was able to… Continue

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Extraordinary lady

Pony Gal wrote in a comment:

"Aww, I bet that was a special moment for you. I'll More…be interested to see if she continues to show interest in you this way. I love the photo of the two of them. They are so beautiful. "

I have to remember with Altea to very carefully govern the intensity of my interactions. She is TOO obedient. She shows the signs of past trauma in her over reactions.

This evening, cold, and tired myself from all the preparation on the barn and its… Continue

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The predicted storm has arrived -

It's been snowing since mid morning, and now it's 10 pm, and still falling. Our temperatures are expected to drop into the low teens, even minus zero windchill at some point tonight or tomorrow.

The horses, Altea and her daughter Bonnie, are all snug with hay for the night, their barn and stalls buttoned up against the cold and snow.

Did the rounds of my hyrdrants and faucets to check the covers and the electric heat tape on the barn hydrant. Had a short visit…

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Second snowfall promises to be a doozy.

We are watching the weather people work on predicting the upcoming weather for the next couple of weeks. Our first snowfall was only about an inch, stuck only a day or so, and is now gone.

Our next one could be much more intense. Snow down to sealevel, which means here at my elevation we will get snow measured in feet most likely.

We may retreat with the horses. Bonnie and Altea may get to go for a winter visit to a public barn in lower contry about 10 miles from here.… Continue

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Mini Miracles Visits North Adams Nursing Home Residents

It’s not often you hear the sound of little hoof beats inside the North Adams Nursing Home but that is just what the residents heard

on Sunday afternoon, November 7th, in Mendon, Illinois.…


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Winter's Arrival - first snowfall

Yesterday at 4 pm, only an hour before sunset where I live, I saw those first flakes out my upstairs office window.

I prayed they would go away, as I still had so much to do in my garden and around the barn and paddocks. But no, of course it kept on snowing growing heavier as the minutes passed and of course getting wetter too.

At the barn I struggled to take down the bottom half of my 24 x 20 ft awning that I used for a rain and sun shelter for my two, Altea and Bonnie. It's… Continue

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Small Partnerships

Today was a busy day spent in training with the miniature horses Little

Man and Major. We have a date to visit North Adams nursing home in

Mendon, Illinois on November 7th. We continue practicing standing

quietly while being hugged and petted and sometimes even kissed on the

nose. Today we also spent practicing some of our tricks such as

jumping, standing and pirouetting on the pedestal, rolling the ball,

and of course… Continue

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Three Quarter Moon and a night ride

Tonight was one of those rare and perfect training nights when

everything goes right. Combining the methods of Parelli and "clicker

training" produced a magical I stood at the gate and called my

Arabian mare Jazz and my mini horse Little Man up from the pasture. I

listened and heard the hoofbeats coming swiftly towards me. Halters

went on and a "click-treat" given. I… Continue

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Mad Scientist, or Crazy Horse Person? You be the judge.

I'm sure I've discussed before that Altea, mother Altea, is the victim of Easy Keeper Syndrome. Like so many horses in the Spanish bloodlines she has the desert gene - that is to say she can live on almost nothing but air.

Feed her like a working horse, or a TB and she'll blow up like a balloon. When we went to pick her up in Idaho to save her from auction she looked like a hippo.

Since then she's slimmed nicely, but the outcome was that she had foundered at least once and it… Continue

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Mini Miracles Enjoys a Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday August 15th, we took the mini boys to Northwoods Nursing Center. Our 95 year old Mother came with us and saw for herself the magic that these little horses make.

We spent an hour with the residents and their families talking about the miniature horses, walking them around to visit and singing some old time songs. What a great day and a special thank you to Eva & Leon who volunteered to join us and help entertain. …


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A mission for Mini Miracles

A Mini Miracles visit is planned for Sunday, August 15th

at the Northwoods Nursing Home in Belvidere, Illinois. We will be remembering

the old time County Fair days and in keeping with the miniature horse visit,

the residents will be having a snack of apple juice and oatmeal cookies. I

think Manny and Major would like to there early so they could have some


We hope to have a lot of fun with some games, prizes and

songs and the boys will be providing… Continue

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NARHA Certification !!!!!!!!!

It is with great appreciation for my family, friends and husbands

support that I announce the successful passing of the NARHA

certification for therapeutic riding instructors on July 24 at


in Harvard, Illinois.

After an intensive three day workshop and testing

for my riding skills and therapeutic riding instruction I… Continue

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Mystery and Adventure - Bonnie saves the day and plays with the Elk

Completely unrelated except by the happy chance both involve Bonnie.

A long term health mystery may be solved, and how Bonnie plays with Elk.

About a year ago Bonnie's mother, Altea showed up lame - badly. While tacking up one day I checked her hooves last thing before riding out. When I picked out her front hooves she was okay, but when I picked up a hind leg she went down in front, clear to her knees and nose. Very frightening.

She is laminitic and healing… Continue

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