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Mini Miracles Visits North Adams Nursing Home Residents

It’s not often you hear the sound of little hoof beats inside the North Adams Nursing Home but that is just what the residents heard

on Sunday afternoon, November 7th, in Mendon, Illinois.…


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Mini Miracles Enjoys a Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday August 15th, we took the mini boys to Northwoods Nursing Center. Our 95 year old Mother came with us and saw for herself the magic that these little horses make.

We spent an hour with the residents and their families talking about the miniature horses, walking them around to visit and singing some old time songs. What a great day and a special thank you to Eva & Leon who volunteered to join us and help entertain. …


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Mini's in training for therapy

Donald, In response to your comment we are teaching them good manners first and foremost. It is a combination of natural horsemanship and clicker/treat training. They have been taught many tricks for entertainment purposes and can stand on a pedestal, do an obstacle course, etc.

They have been taken inside the house many times so they had to learn navigating steps.

At the nursing homes they go inside to the activity center and… Continue

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Is Spring ever gonna arrive?

Wow, what a long winter this has been. Snow so piled up that I could make a snow fort. Do you remember the days it was fun to be out throwing snowballs and building snowmen?
I am in need of vitamin D from the sunshine, to see the daffodils poke through and blossom, to see horses grazing on green grass, and to hear the sound of lawnmowers from my open window.
What are you anxious for with the arrival of spring?

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My mini Major in his winter clothes

I have owned Major for a month now and what a lovable little mini he is.

For some reason unknown, I was drawn to this little horse that has a few problems and will undoubtably need a surgery in the spring. I just had to have him regardless of those costs.Off we went to pick him up in Wisconsin the end of September by the transportation specialist, Dennis (ridendurance's Hubby). Dennis graciously took a day off work to bring up a their… Continue

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This Mini Stallion caught my eye.

Saw this adorable stallion posted for sale and thought he was so cute. However, I am not a good judge of confirmation. Can anyone tell anything from this picture that may be amiss?

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Miniature Horse Auction April 11th, 2009

Take a look at the miniature horses in this auction. They add more daily so check back. This sale is held in Macon, Missouri and usually has a big selection plus the exotic animals and tack. This is the same sale where ridendurance got her mini Little Man. www.lollibros.com/minihrse.htm

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New Upgraded website features!

As you may or may not have noticed, a few things changed this past week on Horse N Pony Friends. The biggest changes are the new chat box which is now easier to use and a great addition to help us communicate effectively. Some of you may need to upgrade the Adobe flash player to use it. If so, you will get a message when trying to use it for the first time.

I would like our members to learn how to use this feature but if you are uncomfortable… Continue

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Back in the saddle again...

Hi all!

Sorry my appearance has been scarce the last month or so. My Daughter got married October 11th, so I was pretty busy, as you can imagine.

Very beautiful and elegant wedding. My sister (Ridendurance) had been staying with me three weeks prior, to help with our Mom so I could attend more to last minute planning and for much needed rest. We had a wonderful time and our Mom who is 93 was also able to attend the… Continue

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How to put a link in your blog, comments, or discussions.

Okay, I will try to explain this with some examples. You can pretty much assign a link to any text box, blog, or discussion. Once you get used to this you should find it quite simple.

Example #1

In the first example below I have highlighted the text I want to be clickable and clicked the link which looks like a piece of chain link in the toolbar. When you do it this way the actual web address will not show in the blog but the text highlighted will take you to that link.… Continue

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How to have a picture as your background on your page.

Hi members!

I have had a few people ask me how this is done so here are the instructions.

1. Go to your page and at the far right under your profile image (avatar), click on the change my theme link.

2. Scroll down the page until you see body background and click on the photo icon to the right.

3. A popup will open. You will want to click on the circle that says upload an image from your computer and check the box that says tile… Continue

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Big dreams on a dreary day

On my way to a blood drive today, ( yes I work for a blood center) the sky was overcast and the air chilly. As I traveled the country roads, my eyes would wander to the beautiful green countryside. I noticed the numerous farms for sale with signs posted and found myself checking to see if their were enough outbuildings and pasture for horses.

In the sloping fields, horses peacefully grazed on the lush grass and I wondered if my sister would approve of these places. She needs a nice… Continue

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For all of those who missed the chat here is the transcript

Chat transcript on Clicker Training

with Peggy Hogan

Hi, my name is Peggy Hogan and I’d like to welcome you to the chat this evening.

Before we get started I’d like to introduce myself VERY briefly. I’ve been using the clicker in my training since 1998. I started my horse training experience using Parelli’s version of Natural Horsemanship. I passed everything but 2 tasks of Level 3 in 1998 before leaving the program to study with Peggy Cummings and Connected Riding. (This… Continue

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Welcome Everyone!

Becky ( ridendurance) and I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful response in joining Horse N Pony Friends. This site has been up a really short time and we are already at 63 members and it is growing. As you can see it is really user friendly and your page is completely your own to decorate the way you want.

It is so much fun to see other members blogs, posts, live chat, and photos. Don't forget, you can also add video to the site if you have any.

If anyone has… Continue

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Sister is having fun at a natural horsemanship Conference

My Sister, Becky (AKA ridendurance), is off having fun and usually does the blog posts. She will be back sometime Monday nite and will have much to blog about and will have pictures to share. :)

Hi! Little Man, mini horse here. I am standing boo hooing in my stall wishing my lady (Mom) would take me out for the usual adventures. I mean, afterall, it is Mother's Day and we are supposed to be with Moms, right? So, what gives?

She probably learned more of those Parelli games… Continue

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