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Small Partnerships

Today was a busy day spent in training with the miniature horses Little

Man and Major. We have a date to visit North Adams nursing home in

Mendon, Illinois on November 7th. We continue practicing standing

quietly while being hugged and petted and sometimes even kissed on the

nose. Today we also spent practicing some of our tricks such as

jumping, standing and pirouetting on the pedestal, rolling the ball,

and of course… Continue

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Three Quarter Moon and a night ride

Tonight was one of those rare and perfect training nights when

everything goes right. Combining the methods of Parelli and "clicker

training" produced a magical I stood at the gate and called my

Arabian mare Jazz and my mini horse Little Man up from the pasture. I

listened and heard the hoofbeats coming swiftly towards me. Halters

went on and a "click-treat" given. I… Continue

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A mission for Mini Miracles

A Mini Miracles visit is planned for Sunday, August 15th

at the Northwoods Nursing Home in Belvidere, Illinois. We will be remembering

the old time County Fair days and in keeping with the miniature horse visit,

the residents will be having a snack of apple juice and oatmeal cookies. I

think Manny and Major would like to there early so they could have some


We hope to have a lot of fun with some games, prizes and

songs and the boys will be providing… Continue

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NARHA Certification !!!!!!!!!

It is with great appreciation for my family, friends and husbands

support that I announce the successful passing of the NARHA

certification for therapeutic riding instructors on July 24 at


in Harvard, Illinois.

After an intensive three day workshop and testing

for my riding skills and therapeutic riding instruction I… Continue

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A Couple of Firsts

Remember the saying "Never say never"? While accomplishing a couple of firsts, I had to acknowledge the truth of this saying. I will never have a pony....., they are sooooo ornery. I will never do a parade...., all that hurry up and wait. Funny how life likes to whittle us down a notch or two.

I bought my first miniature horse..., does that mean I might as well have got a pony? He is one of the most joyful parts of my life.

I… Continue

Added by Becky (ridendurance) on May 6, 2010 at 1:00am — 2 Comments

Major Changes

On April 8th our little Major Investment took a trip to the veterinary

clinic in Farmer City, Illinois where he was gelded by the gifted hands

of veterinary surgeon Dr Thomas Monfort. The procedures performed were

an open surgery to retrieve his retained testicle and then he was

gelded. Also, his "monkey jaw" was treated by realigning his incisors

and his teeth were floated and the next day, his feet were… Continue

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Spring Fling

Well I was ready to do a Spring blog about flowers and green grass etc and etc but tomorrow we are expecting snow again. Should be a good day to take one last ride in the winter white stuff. I love the perfect silence of riding on new soft snow. If it is too cold I could clean my house...., not! Oh I know I can watch Parelli videos in the morning with hot coffee and wrapped up in the electric warming throw blanket. Re-read Karen Rohlf's Dressage Naturally book and watch the companion DVD and… Continue

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Busy Weekend

Good weekend in spite of all the rain. Friday night was The QUEST (therapeutic riding group) board meeting. Wonderful food and friends but a horse with colic added some serious drama to the meeting. We are still hoping he will be okay as is under observation at the vets now. Saturday was another good dressage lesson in the morning and clipping and brushing the minis and detangling everyones manes for the afternnon hours. Sunday we did an informational booth for QUEST at the annual tack sale in… Continue

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Anxious for Spring

Had some nice days here in the Midwest although the rain has begun and mud replaces all that snow. Today we had 64 degrees and sunny and a long walk at lunch was the perfect answer to my Spring fever. I am excited about the time change coming this weekend and seeing the sun when I get home from work next week. Time to exercise our curry combs and shed n blades and make the hair fly. Crocus are about to bloom and daffodils and tulips not far behind. I am anxious to post some Spring pictures. I… Continue

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The story of Major

My name is Major Investment and I am a miniature horse. I would like to tell you a story about how I came to live at Trinity Ridge Farm.

Have you ever had a single day when your whole life changed? That is what

happened to me one day last October. Some of you may know my story from my new

Mom who is the one they call Ponygal. She is in…


Added by Becky (ridendurance) on February 28, 2010 at 7:00pm — 2 Comments

Waiting for Spring

Here in the Midwest we are all anxiously awaiting Spring and the return of earthworms and robins, the first tulips, forsythia in bloom and all the things that herald the return of warm weather, Still, it is a

beautiful time here as we feel the grip of winter holding on with it's

icy little cat claws. I wanted to share a few photos of the farm and

what it looks like here as we look up to the skies and watch for… Continue

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Dance recitals, Horses and Kids

Watched a beautiful dance recital Saturday and helped represent our equestrian therapy center QUEST. The dance company chose us as the non profit organization to donate the proceeds from their holiday recital. What a special gift to many area children. Several of our kids danced in the recital. Smiles took my breathaway. LOVE ALL YOU GIRLS! What a great… Continue

Added by Becky (ridendurance) on December 14, 2009 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment

Keeping busy!

This has been a really busy month at the farm. Last week we had a wonderful time with family here from South Carolina for whitetail deer season. This week my sister (aka ponygal) and her husband are here for Thanksgiving and enjoying the farm life for a few days. We are having a fun time playing with our minis and enjoying some amazing sunshine and warm temps. Today we had the children of some old friends visit. It was sort of a birthday gift to his… Continue

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Lighted Candles

It was early summer the first night I saw him. He rode in complete silence and held the saddle horn firmly with both hands. That may have been the night when he first began to grip his hands tigthtly around a whole new world.

What struck me that night was that, even in his total silence, his smile shone like a lighted candle in a dark room. He had a kind of inner shining light.., sort of… Continue

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Simple Things

Just wanted to share one of my favorite photos. I took this picture last weekend when I wanted to save my last roses of the year. I had a wonderful time the weekend before in Hannibal, Missouri at the Folk Life Festival. I picked up these pretty antique bottles for 1.00 each as a donation for the historical society. WHAT A DEAL!!!! I sure think they look pretty in my kitchen window. Hope you all enjoy a great… Continue

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New Addition

Yesterday was a big day for the websites own administrator Ponygal. After a whirlwind trip out to Wisconsin on Friday morning a new little mini has come to be loved and stolen her heart. He has a "barn name" of Major Promise" as this little guy has a few problems to be sorted out. We will be getting some pictures up soon. He is a little three year old Pintaloosa. We have hopes he will be a "major" help in our "Missions for Minis" program that we are starting up.

Little Man went on… Continue

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Small Miracles

Funny how when you think you are going to help some kids with therapy on horseback you find that you are getting as much therapy as they are..., maybe more. I loved the time I spent with them all. Laughter, smiles and joyful faces all around. I liked seeing the parents standing at the gate and waving. I think my favorite was teaching the kids to make the kissing (smooching) sound to get their horse to move. "Ask them to back up" I told them a bit… Continue

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New Group on the website " HOPE, HEALING and THERAPY"


I would like to invite anyone to join this group with ideas, advice, encouragement etc. All of the members of our group in QUEST are new to this undertaking. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Ideas for fundraisers, websites to visit. Anything you can add that will help keep us motivated and inspired. I believe the potential of this endeavor is unbelieveable but as we all know most dreams… Continue

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New journey of hope and healing

Hope and healing has begun with a few new horsenalities at the QUEST farm. I have spent a few evening with the horses and have begun to get a sense of who they are and how I might help them. Some are right brain introverts, others left brain extroverts, some have feet that move, others have minds that needed to escape. The journey to the mind fascinates me in every respect. What a joy as I begin to see what they will offer when approached in a way… Continue

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