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At 5:27pm on August 30, 2008, Horsegirl6 said…
Thank you for your help (:
And thank you for you comment on my picture!!
At 11:21am on August 23, 2008, Dixie said…
Have you checked out the Lolli Bros. auction for September 27? They have some beautiful mini's booked, mostly Arab type from one farm. There are some more pics on the farm's website. We better buy our lotto tickets!!
At 12:08am on August 20, 2008, Dixie said…
Thanks for the compliment on my page. It didn't turn out at all like I was trying to do it, but I liked it and decided to keep it that way, for now. The petunia on the top is a pic I took one morning when the sun was hitting it just right and I happened to have my camera in my pocket! I really liked it.
At 12:19pm on August 16, 2008, Dixie said…
Hey pony - I'm lovin' the Maxine cartoon!!! Too True!!:):)
At 4:24pm on August 14, 2008, Ashley said…
hi !

just got back from my hols....will answer my tagg.......tomorrow....need to go to sleep!

ash xx
At 6:10pm on August 8, 2008, Suzanne said…
Thank you so much for the welcome. Sorry to be so long in responding, but I've been having problems with my ISP. Hope that is over with now!
At 12:08pm on August 5, 2008, Donald Redux said…
Hi, got your note. You are right. I must correct my photobucket album and date the pics, at least as to when posted, but even more, when they were taken ... some being 40 and more years old.

As for Altea: Well, she's happily hanging out with Dakota, the Morgan gelding I was training. Nice five acre paddock and hay etc. About 8 miles or so away, so we see her fairly often. I'd see her much more if the little barn was finished.

I'm still working on the concrete curbing that will hold the base and topping rock in and the stall matts and bedding.

My lumber for the building is all in and stacked nearby, and I've set aside a ton of hay from a local supplier, but of course have to store that at another friend's place for now.

The concrete work is a back breaker, as I do it all by the sack in a small electric mixer. And my old hands seem to be giving out just a bit with the pounding of stakes for the forms, the shoveling gravel, etc. So the project has slowed a bit.

I suspect I might have to winter Altea right were she is now. But in time she'll have a nice snug home.

Best wishes, Donald Redux
At 11:57am on August 5, 2008, Gina said…
I tried to make one of the newest people my friend and it wouldn't let me. It said, the same thing as before.
But, it let Katie add me. ??
I gotta go work now,
so I'll catch ya later :)
At 2:24pm on July 31, 2008, Gina said…
Now I have this:
Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use this network.
Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator.
At 8:04pm on July 18, 2008, Sarah said…
You could put some temporary electric fencing to divide horses/ponies if you need to thats wat we did
At 4:48pm on July 14, 2008, tracy hilton said…
Hi, i see your minis have a lot of pasture to graze on, how do you keep them from over grazing? i have just got an acre for my mini and i keep getting told its way to much for him, at the minute the grass is very long but i plan to get it topped with a tractor and maybe half it of. Do you have any advice you could give me? also do you ever have any trouble when you need to separate one from the rest?
At 2:08pm on July 13, 2008, pony gal said…
At 7:36pm on July 9, 2008, Gina said…
Nice mini!!!

At 5:38pm on July 9, 2008, Peggy said…
I'm trying to figure out this IM thing. I wonder if my computer just isn't set up for this stuff. I'll have to wait for my son to get home and corner him for a bit.
At 5:37pm on July 9, 2008, Peggy said…
I can't say because I don't know. The add in the paper didn't say. Don't recall for sure and I don't have the paper right handy but thought they had 5 for sale, a couple of younger stallions and older mares...whatever older is.
At 5:21pm on July 9, 2008, Peggy said…
Hey, if you're looking for a mini, there are 3 advertised in the paper in my neck of the woods.
At 4:37pm on July 9, 2008, Ashley said…

She is gorg! hehehe

Oh well I went to see my new little buddle of scaryness..........who stood there and shook in the stable, I just had to get her home!

What a star she has been! Fab to introduce to my horses........put my 17.2 right in his place! Shes definetly mini shetland.........black and brown....with the smallest feet!

So, a wee bit of rehab required and some TCL ....shes very curious tho and un-spoilt , doesnt know that she can bite , kick, or be nasty yet.............so thats a good thing.

So, will get piccies up A.S.A.P for everyone...u all know how not computer literated i am !!

Will keep you updated on our new arrival!

Ash xx
At 11:02pm on July 8, 2008, Tania-MyPercherons:) said…
I am somewhat knowledgeable in computer technology, obviously not enough. I realized that I should have registered as "MyPercherons". Oh well, you know it's me. I couldn't figure it out how to change it. Much less to add videos and stuff. Took me quite a while to upload on Youtube. Just so you 'll know!
At 10:53pm on July 8, 2008, Tania-MyPercherons:) said…
Beautiful Family, Horses and Puppy! Oh he is adorable!
At 2:16pm on July 7, 2008, Molly said…

yes here he is

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